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With each other, not against each other

CONCEPTA is all about working together as a team rather than being hamstrung by competitive thinking. This can clearly be seen in the scale of our shopping centres, which are big enough to make a positive statement in the town or city centre, yet small enough not to impair the existing retail structure. Trust us to find the right balance – with creative flair and a great deal of experience.

The projects developed by CONCEPTA are proof that local retailers also benefit from a specially designed shopping centre. Any doubts that are voiced in the course of intensive dialogue during the planning phase soon give way to enthusiasm when not only the shopping centre, but also the whole town centre is invigorated after the retail complex opens.

Independent scientific studies, such as the one carried out by the DIFU ('Deutsches Institut für Urbanistik' or 'German Institute for Town Planning') using the example of Düren, have also come to the conclusion that CONCEPTA projects have a positive effect on town centres and local retailers.

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Nowadays our town centre is unimaginable without the StadtCenter Düren. For miles around it is considered a perfect example of how to integrate a shopping centre in an established town centre. The StadtCenter has made our town more urbane and attractive, and it is also able to draw in more spending power.
Paul Larue
Mayor of Düren