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It's only a 10 minutes walk from office to check-in with AIRVIEW at Duesseldorf International Airport the world is your oyster. At the same time you are closer to your clients. So why not work at the place where clients and business partners often pass, due to it's central location and perfect infrastructure?
Look forward to imposing, premium office space that is unsurpassed in terms of accessibility. In a modern and efficient building which projects a strong image.
AIRVIEW at the end of 2014 the new benchmark in Airport City Duesseldorf. More »

Our shopping gems

Take a look at a selection of shopping centres which we have successfully developed in recent years. Read the views of the people involved in the project, and those of businesses and citizens.

StadtGalerie Datteln

Built in less than a year as a result of the linking and extensive regeneration of a former department store and the neighbouring Ellerman Centre.

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StadtGalerie Witten

Situated between the train station (including the adjoining bus station) and the prime location of Bahnhofstraße, the new shopping centre naturally attracts the existing stream of passers-by.

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Reschop Carré Hattingen

Three building complexes are grouped around a newly created town square to form a perfectly integrated small shopping centre together with the town library and a medical centre.

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Hagemeyer Minden

The traditional department store in Minden with a focus on fashion is known for miles around and has been successfully developed into an attractive shopping centre.

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Königsbau Passagen Stuttgart

The timelessly modern new build on the historic, listed Königsbau site represents elegance, excellent architecture, and the defining spirit of the times.

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StadtCenter Düren

Thanks to the well-integrated urban planning, this shopping centre represents a turning point in urban development. The town's ability to attract spending power has risen ever since.

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Fünf Höfe Munich

The CityQuartier Fünf Höfe features impressive and unique architecture, designed by the globally renowned architects Herzog & de Meuron, and boasts an exclusive list of tenants.

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Altes Kaufhaus Stralsund

The jewel of Stralsund and the whole of Western Pomerania: a department store for discerning customers, revived in the first Wertheim store, which was developed through the careful renovation of a listed building.

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StadtCenter Rolltreppe Halle / Saale

The centre owes its name to the citizens of Halle who used to visit the former department store on this site during the GDR era to use its Rolltreppe (escalator), which was something of a rarity at the time.

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Neumarkt Galerie Cologne

The ten-metre-high sculpture of an upside-down ice cream cone by Claes Oldenburg is the emblem of what is probably the nicest shopping centre in the city of Cologne.

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Kö Galerie Düsseldorf

Its unique architecture is what makes the Kö Galerie one of the most beautiful shopping centres in the world.

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Rhein-Ruhr-Zentrum Mülheim

The RRZ on the site of the former Humboldt colliery is a fine example of how to successfully recycle a piece of land and undertake an ongoing, conceptual refurbish-
ment project over a number of years.

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Nowadays our town centre is unimaginable without the StadtCenter Düren. For miles around it is considered a perfect example of how to integrate a shopping centre in an established town centre. The StadtCenter has made our town more urbane and attractive, and it is also able to draw in more spending power.
Paul Larue
Mayor of Düren